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The 2019 Hand Print Calendar

So tell me, have you gotten your 2019 calendar yet?

I read something recently that said that most homes don’t have wall calendars anymore. Whaaat? Ah, technology. I must be old-fashioned, but I love me a good wall calendar. In the last few years, I have spent soooo much time on Amazon trying to find a calendar I liked. And as long as I can remember (before living overseas), I spent TONS of time at Barnes&Noble every December trying to pick out the perfect calendar to fit my current interests.

I absolutely started out with cat calendars. So. Many. Cats. I eventually branched out to those calendars that have the 1950’s picture with a funny caption, then travel or motivational sayings, and sometimes photos of our kid. A lot of the ones I have gotten on Amazon have been kind of a bust, with the paper being so thin that they fall off the wall, or the ink transfers to the next page when you write on it.

Today, I bring you the 2019 Hand Print Calendar from Learning Good News. Their website has great Christian learning resources for moms and baby-to-preschool age children. Their stuff is so cute! In addition to this calendar, there are super-affordable preschool lesson plans and lots of free printables. This calendar is really affordable, printed on good, heavy paper and is spiral-bound, so I have no doubt that it will hold up to all that this year throws at it (which will be a lot). I also love the font that they used throughout the calendar.



Anyway, this calendar. It is such a fun idea! I mean, what a perfect keepsake for the year. I’ve taken to throwing away calendars at the end of the year (because #clutter), but I will absolutely be keeping this one. I’ll be doing it once a month (except for moving-time when I’ll do it ahead), so I’ll be able to see the growth of their hands and feet. You could also do it all at once, and it would be a fantastic gift for grandparents.

Every month has an incomplete picture which your child finishes using hand or footprints. The first page has instructions, examples of what each picture should look like, and some helpful hints to make it easier. Because we all know that painting a 3 year-old’s hand *could* be a recipe for disaster.


Yesterday, we did the January page. (Sorry, I totally forgot to take a picture of it BEFORE we painted it. Use your imagination, the brown paint wasn’t there.) I was originally planning to do only Noah’s hand print, but then I thought, “Why not add Nora’s, too?” Hers is obviously the smaller, smeary-er one with too many fingers (I had to do it twice).


Isn’t that adorable? The picture goes along with the verse on the bottom, too. “Be still and know that I am God” is perfect for a quiet, wintery scene like this.

Because I forgot to take a picture of January pre-painting, this is February’s “before”. Noah’s red hand print will go in the empty space, making an “O”, and once it dries, I’ll put a purple hand print of Nora’s on top, kind of like the center of an “O”.


I absolutely love this calendar. This very well may be my go-to for the next few years, as well as next year’s Christmas present for grandparents. If you would like to order this year’s hand print calendar, you can use the code save10 to get 10% off your order. I hope you do!

{This calendar was provided to me for free in exchange for my opinion. All opinions are my own.}


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