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2018: A photo year in review

What a year 2018 has been! From a new family member to uncertainty about the future, it’s been a wild ride. Be nice, 2019?


In January, we went to the circus, I put together the top of a t-shirt quilt, started doing some pink laundry, and played with tractors. I also started cleaning out Nora’s room and moved most of my sewing stuff into a corner of my room. Trust me, it is not that clean right now. Ha!


A new-found love of lasagna, a new bookshelf, and SNOW! The month of February was also when I tried out a goal of sewing every day. I was so (sew) productive! Pictured is the star wall hanging that’s in Nora’s room, a sweater that I made (it looks way better now that I’m not pregnant), and the top of Nora’s quilt. I should probably finish that…



March was baby month! There was lots (and lots) of walking, which didn’t phase her one bit.  I ended up filling the freezer and sewing my feelings. She was finally born 8 days late, and she was totally worth the wait!


Not gonna lie, April was kind of a blur. A foggy blur. Nora’s first trip to church was on Easter (at 5 days old!), I put some Curious George stickers on Noah’s wall and stars on Nora’s, and we got a new couch. At the beginning of the month, my sister-in-law and nephew came and it was wonderful. She mopped my floors, washed the dishes, and distracted Noah.


This month, Nora discovered facial expressions, Noah got a play kitchen, and I had my first experience with solo parenting with two kids. Noah *may* have watched a lot of tv. Toward the end of the month, I got back to sewing and plowed through a giant to-fix pile, plus some new stuff. This is about when I discovered that it was actually good for me to do some sewing every day!


June had baby’s first trip to a water park (we sat in the shade), some lovely smiles, and I started some preschool activities with Noah. I wasn’t doing letter of the week yet, just some basic matching, sorting, and coloring. June 14th was our 10 year wedding anniversary. Tim was on travel, and by the time he got home the next day, I had come down with some sort of food poisoning. Hurrah! At the end of the month, Tim and Noah flew to Idaho for a wedding. Noah was the ring bearer, and I made him a bow tie. I was a little anxious for Tim to be traveling alone with Noah, so I was stress sewing. At least it was productive!


In July, Noah turned three! I made him an Adventure Book, with pictures, maps, and a trip summery for all the places he has been. Nora discovered the joy of toys. I finally decided how I wanted to quilt Nora’s star quilt and marked it off with masking tape. And I chose fabric for the pink flower blocks.


August signals a new beginning, and a new planner! With our move coming up, I felt this one was only fitting. At the beginning of the month, Noah suddenly decided he wanted to use the potty, and there were many ice cream rewards! At the beginning of the month, we started letter of the week preschool. And Nora wore a dress that was mine… awww! I didn’t really do much sewing in August, mostly because it was soooo hot.


September was a month! We had been planning a trip for the last couple weeks of September, and we decided we should probably do a practice trip to see how Nora does. So for Labor Day weekend, we went a couple hours south to Paestum, the caves of Palinuro, and Castellabate di Stabbia. Nora did great, so we went ahead with our plans to take on Venice and Slovenia. Such an amazing trip! We were gone most of September, but I did manage to make a couple shirts, both raglans, of course.


In October, we finally got around to celebrating my birthday (September 4th!), Nora started using the table as a teething toy, Noah got a tooth pulled, and we participated in a baby dedication at church. I did a massive refashioning of clothes that didn’t fit great and got a large box of wonderful fabric.


November was also quite the month! I figured out how to sew with the kids awake (they’re so sweet!), Nora’s first Thanksgiving, the return of the Thanksgiving pizza, and Noah got stitches. In the middle of the month, I went on a girl’s trip to Morocco with a friend for four days. (Oops, I never got around to blogging about it? I should do that…) I made an amazing shirt with some fabric that I had had no idea how to use, finally learned how to do a buttonhole, and made a Christmas hoodie for myself!


Mulled wine, Tombola (kind of like bingo), Christmas lights, and a Noon Year’s Eve party were some of the highlights of Christmas. I did soooo much sewing in December! In addition to two unicorn purses, I made Nora’s Christmas dress, finished my hoodie, made Noah a matching sweatshirt. Also completed were Nora’s stocking and a Christmas quilt block. I also made an amazing dress, cut out a pair of pants (!!!), and ordered more fabric. Haha!

What a year! I hope 2019 is just as full of adventures. Happy New Year, everyone.


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