I’m decluttering like a mother

I haven’t sewn in over a week. Yes, I’m a little sad about that and I wish that I had the time right now, but I just don’t.

But what have I been doing? Decluttering!

Ok, so I did a first round a few months ago, but I’m doing it again. So far, I have eliminated two trash bags and three boxes of stuff. The stuff we are keeping has been reorganized to be more efficient.

The first week’s challenge was bathrooms and closets. Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

First up, the bathroom. Throwing out old lotions and nail polish I don’t wear anymore and organizing so we can see what we have.


I did the closet in Nora’s room, but it doesn’t look that much different. That is the only closet in this house (that isn’t clothes), so I did the laundry room, which is also our storage space.


Sure, it doesn’t necessarily look neater, but it is. The books on the washer need to go up on a shelf and I found them after I put the stool away. The pink tub by the laundry soap is actually empty. We will be filling it with extra clothes and sending it ahead in our express shipment when we move.

The second week’s challenge is the kitchen. I have organized the cupboards, gotten rid of all the bottles that Nora doesn’t like, and filled another box of stuff to get rid of. Here is a cupboard that was the bane of my existence. Now it’s so empty that I was able to take stuff from one of the open shelves and put it away out of sight.


I have done some other stuff, too, it just wouldn’t make a good picture. Stuff like throwing out cassette tapes and going through books. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to sewing soon. My new fabric is almost here, after all. Super plush leggings are calling my name.


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