Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 01/25


  1. I took Noah on a “date” to the circus on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun and filled up his little love bucket.
  2. We have scheduled our express shipment, or the stuff we are sending on ahead so it will be there when we arrive. It’s really basic stuff like bedding and towels, but scheduling that makes this move real. And what’s even real-er is that this shipment is in 11 days.
  3. I accidentally discovered a super delicious (and easy) dessert: S’mores rice krispie treats. I was trying to use up some graham crackers and a box of rice krispies we have had on the shelf. So I made regular rice krispie treats, and added in some chopped Hershey bar and some crumbled graham crackers, and it’s like a campfire but without the smoke and accidental burning of the marshmallows. And Noah calls them “rice pispies”, which is fantastic.
  4. I finished watching Friends! I started watching it right after we moved here. I paused now and then for other shows, but Friends was always there. So now what? I got kind of burned out on New Girl and Jane the Virgin. Noah and I have been watching Full House and Fuller House, so maybe I’ll just major on that?
  5. Decluttering this week was clothes, so I buckled down and did mine on Wednesday. I mostly filled a black trash bag of clothes that are no longer my style or fit. Thank you, and goodbye. Then I folded what was left like Marie Kondo says to and it kind of blew my mind. I could never be a minimalist, but I love having clothes that I love and being able to see them when I open my drawer. I feel a little ridiculous that this drawer brings me so much joy. And the amount of me-made stuff I have also makes me happy!


  6. Noah, amid being very Three, has also been using his imagination so much. His favorite toys are his Paw Patrol dogs and cars. I love that he is suddenly playing by himself a ton and being so creative! Here is one of his “doggies” on a “roller coaster”.


  7. Nora really likes food, but not chewing. I think she’s getting tired of choking, though, because she’s doing it less. Her favorite foods are lasagna, cheerios, yogurt, and ricotta cheese. She’s also working on crawling, but so far only scoots backwards. And! I decided to try giving her a bath without the baby bathtub and she loved it! So bye-bye whale tub. My baby’s growing up!
  8. I was right about the super plush leggings. They are amazing. With a warm sweatshirt I got at the grocery store and some wool socks I got for Christmas, I have been warm as toast.
  9. Yesterday, I raided my scrap bin and made some headbands for Nora. It’s so fun having a girl to dress up!
  10. Happy weekend!

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