Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 02/01



  1. It’s February! Here is our handprint calendar page for this month. Nora was being a bit difficult, so that purple blob is her hand.
  2. It has been raining a ton and super windy, but then we get rainbows like this. And the roads are also dissolving into potholes and sinkholes so you never know which puddle might eat your car.


  3. After church on Sunday, we went to the church potluck. Italian potlucks don’t work the same as American ones, but we still ate way too much. Instead of the food being set up buffet-style, people eat their own food and then bring the leftovers around to share. Like I said, we ate way too much. When 8 pm rolled around, Tim said, “I suppose we should eat something before bed, but I’m really not hungry.” I love you, Italy.
  4. Yesterday the CD case I ordered arrived. So last night I took all our music CD’s out and organized them into categories (and mostly alphabetically, because I’m a nerd). First, I was really surprised by how many we have! My next thought was that huh, almost all of these are from the late 90’s, early 2000’s. I suppose music streaming, the radio, and podcasts have replaced CD-buying. Now my cassette tape collection…
  5. We are doing our first shipment of household goods on Monday. It’s the smallest one, for the purpose of having something to get us by until the rest of our stuff arrives. Quick, what things are necessary for survival for about a month and a half?
  6. Have I unlocked the secret to getting Noah to take a nap quietly? I recently told him that he could read books during his nap, and I can hear him talking about what he’s “reading”, but then he falls asleep. Ok, sure, it’s naptime, but he’s falling asleep way faster than he did before. Weird? Even so, this is also true:


  7. Nora definitely discovered the joy of food this week. She suddenly wants solid foods instead of bottles. She’s not great at chewing, so there’s a lot of gagging, but she’s getting better. She has also been putting her leg back and rocking forward, so I think crawling is imminent.
  8. I taught a friend how to sew the other day! She had never even used a sewing machine, but she was able to make a pencil skirt. And more than just that, she went home and ordered a machine for herself. I’m spreading the joy!
  9. I’m almost done with sewing a fabulous dress. It’s going to have a kind of 1950’s vibe and it has pocketssssssss!
  10. Here’s to Friday! Cheers!

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