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That moment when…

Have you ever made something and thought to yourself, “This is it. You’ve done it. THIS. IS. AMAZING.”

I had that moment with a dress last week. The process of making it wasn’t always pretty, but the result was stunning. And it has pockets. I mean, come on, what’s better than a dress with pockets?


Oh, that’s right, a dress with pockets that fits me perfectly!

The bodice is the crop top length of the Wiggle dress, which is attached to the circle skirt from the Sweetheart dress, and I used the pocket pattern from the Youth Boundless (to reduce bulk). A circle skirt is the perfect thing to make with such a large-scale print. I used a double knit called Liverpool, which is very stable (that skirt is heavy!) and has a bumpy texture on the front side. By the way, in case you were wondering, the hem of the skirt is 176 inches long!

It’s also insanely comfortable. I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually wear a dress all day long because they just aren’t that comfortable. But this one! And the pockets make it perfect for all-day wear. I mean, come on, a place to stash your keys or just to put your hands while you’re waiting for something… perfection.

The pattern on this fabric makes it fairly dressy, and I plan to make another one that is more casual with these teal and white polka dots (second from the left). And maybe I’ll make it with a different sleeve length? What do you think?


I’ve got 6 weeks left before I pack up my sewing machine, so I’d better get busy.


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