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Let’s talk about fear

Sorry about Friday’s pieces, ya’ll. After not posting it on Friday morning, I was going to make it Saturday’s pieces, and then it just didn’t get done. Zillow is pretty distracting, ya know? Don’t worry, you’ll get extra this Friday.

So anyway, fear. And for the purpose of today’s discussion, I mean sewing fear. Of course there is fear in other areas of our lives and while this may apply, it isn’t for everything. This is also intended to give myself a kick in the pants to finish (or begin) the many in-progress things I’ve got going. That was kind of a pun, because many of my in-progress items are pants.

Why are we afraid anyway? Unless you are making somebody else’s wedding dress (that would be a healthy fear. Go ahead and be afraid.) or trying something advanced when you have never sewn before, then there is nothing to be afraid of. I read a quote in a book last week: “Fear blocks our focus and dismantles our confidence.” (God Strong, Sara Horn p. 63) This author compared fear to bars over a window, completely blocking our view of good things. Fear of failure can keep us from trying and accomplishing great things. Here are some truths that I should post above my sewing area.

Go ahead and try

I mean, why not? If it ends up as a hard fail, so what? If your shirt ends up as a pj shirt, who cares? But learn from your mistakes and you will succeed. Not gonna lie, my first few items of clothing I made were OMG so ugly. Confession time: I started a pair of SOS pants, did the pockets and the back of the legs and then freaked out about the faux fly. They are sitting in a pile unfinished. Almost every time I get dressed, I wish I had those pants finished.


It’s just fabric

And guess what? You can get more! Please tell me I’m not the only one who hoards fabric that I love, waiting for the perfect pattern. Or I also buy fabric with a specific pattern in mind, but then I’m scared to cut into it. What if I ruin it!??!? I got some gorgeous purple french terry to make a sweatshirt, and if it somehow comes out unwearable, then I can either buy more or do something else with it. Not all is lost! This rainbow geo? I was scared to cut into it (and do the v-neck) because I was afraid it wasn’t the right pattern and I would waste the fabric. In the end, I didn’t really love the fabric for this shirt, but that’s okay. It’s wearable and I made it and the v-neck is close to perfect. I’ll still wear it!


Seam rippers are meant to be used

You made a mistake? The back pockets are wonky? That buttonhole doesn’t even resemble anything you could imagine getting a button through? Pick it out and try again!

If you see me with a seam ripper, now is not the time.

Fake it ’til you make it

Do you know where seams are? Inside the garment. I can’t tell you how many weird seams I have. But it looks fine on the outside! Does anyone else ever look at your garments closely enough to see any imperfections? Nope! Things that seem like a big deal to you really aren’t even noticeable to anybody else. If you are a perfectionist like me, it’s hard to say that it’s good enough. This dress I made? It has weird little tucks by the pockets where my seams started. But guess what? Nobody can see it. And if anybody is staring at my hips that closely, I’ve got bigger problems. I would hope that fear of minor imperfections would not keep me from making something that might turn out amazing!


Here is my pile of fabric that (almost) all has a purpose but I am scared to cut into (and part of my ironing pile because ironing sucks). I’d better get on with it! I have a pair of pajama pants in progress (which may be a huge fail), and I cut the out the camo super plush leggings last night. I’m wearing the pair I already made to encourage myself to get them done today!


So today, go and be fearless!


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