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Let’s be a bit random

For several reasons, I have been spending a huge amount of time on Pinterest in the last week. I was working on cleaning out Pinterest emails from my inbox. I was looking up ideas for prettying-up a somewhat tired rental. I planned U through Z for letter of the week. I found recipes that would use up random food items.


Let’s start with the funny stuff because it’s Monday:

Did you start singing too?
Teething has been rough.

And some sewing stuff:

Create a DIY Fleece Unicorn Pillow with this easy to follow tutorial and free pattern! This pillow has a colorful fleece mane, gold horn and fleece flowers!
Wouldn’t that be sooooo cute??
IKEA Kallax Hack: Craft Room Storage. Sandwich three small Kallax shelf units between a base with casters and a plywood top to create convenient craft storage and easy mobility. Get the step-by-step instructions
This is made using IKEA shelves and plywood. You better believe I will be making this!

And other ideas for our upcoming rental:

IKEA Kura Bed with Climbing Wall: Kids love climbing. This is a bed channels that. With the extra climing wall, this is a bed channels kids liking on climbing. Check out the tutorial
Without the climbing wall… Noah will be “sharing” his room with the playroom, so I want to get him a loft bed and make the underneath part the kids’ “library”. 
Simple Playroom Ideas for Kids (32)
Maybe I’ll get a shelf/bench seat for their library. Toy storage and reading space!
"Read to Me" Vintage Storybook Letters
And some wall art. These are super expensive, but with some craft store letters and a thrift store book, I could make that without too much effort.


This leftover ham and noodle casserole will use up the ham and veggies in the freezer, pasta, and a can of cream of chicken. Win win win.

And that half a bag of lentils? Lentil chili!

This chickpea curry will also help with a ton of pantry items.

If you wanted to check out any of these pins, head over to my Pinterest boards. I did not include the letter of the week stuff here because there is soooo much, but you can find it here.

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