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Project(s) goals

Did you see the picture I posted on Facebook yesterday? I finished piecing the blocks together on my quilt! Ain’t it pretty? (Goodness, my phone takes terrible pictures) The next step is to square off the blocks and sew them together. I have backing material and batting ready (always prepared!). I am planning to quilt… Continue reading Project(s) goals

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The problem of discontentment

I had planned to share a sewing project with you today, but instead of finishing it, I spent all weekend reading. I regret nothing. There’s always next week. I decided instead to share with you something that is on my heart. I’ve had several conversations lately about discontentment and then this morning my devotional was… Continue reading The problem of discontentment


A resolution and a goal checkup

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Did you make one/some this year? If so, how are you doing? What are you using to motivate yourself to keep your resolutions? I’m not a huge fan of resolutions, mainly because they seem to me to be “do or fail” and “change all at once”. Who does that,… Continue reading A resolution and a goal checkup