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My (non) Christmas dress

When I made that big fabric order on Thanksgiving, I included a couple yards of a black-with-pink-flowers Liverpool with the intent of making a dress to wear for Christmas. I also got some burgundy double brushed polyester to make matching leggings. My fabric order came the day we left for Christmas. But I still made… Continue reading My (non) Christmas dress

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A maternity capsule wardrobe

I did it! I have made enough maternity clothes that I can officially call it a capsule wardrobe. In addition to the hacked and modified ready to wear clothes I posted last week, I also made several pieces from scratch. You know me, I loooove having variety in my clothing. However, when making maternity clothes,… Continue reading A maternity capsule wardrobe

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Not your average maternity clothes

Can we all be in agreement that the majority of store-bought maternity clothes are terrible? Not only are they expensive for only being worn for a short period of time, but the fit is funky. Shirts are either made by Omar the Tentmaker, or they are tight AND come down to my knees. The pants… Continue reading Not your average maternity clothes

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Sewing for winter

Last night, I bought some new patterns and some fabric to get started making some winter clothes for myself. Ever since I stopped teaching, my winter wardrobe has been less than inspiring. I had professional clothes and sloppy, at-home clothes. What I really needed, and still need, are stay-at-home-mom clothes. Casual, cute, easy to wear,… Continue reading Sewing for winter