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Let’s talk about fear

Sorry about Friday’s pieces, ya’ll. After not posting it on Friday morning, I was going to make it Saturday’s pieces, and then it just didn’t get done. Zillow is pretty distracting, ya know? Don’t worry, you’ll get extra this Friday. So anyway, fear. And for the purpose of today’s discussion, I mean sewing fear. Of course there… Continue reading Let’s talk about fear

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Letter of the week- M, N, O, and P

Truthfully, I have put this on my posting schedule several times, but never got around to actually writing the post until now. (Even now, I wrote this first sentence two hours ago then started researching school options for next year.) This year I have been doing a Letter of the Week program for Noah, and… Continue reading Letter of the week- M, N, O, and P

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Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach

And I don’t mean just with the food I put on my plate. Though I live in Italy and that may often be the case. But I mean with the projects I start and the stuff on my to-do list and the things I save on Pinterest because I REALLY want to do them. And I’ve only… Continue reading Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach


Reminder: revisit your goals.

January: the time when everyone makes goals or resolutions or sets a word of the year. People are taking the time to plan for the year ahead. I set my goals in August. Hashtag teacherforlife. I revisited them this morning, and realized that I had forgotten about half of them. Oops. But the good news is… Continue reading Reminder: revisit your goals.