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Easy Valentine’s Day ideas

Did Valentine’s Day sneak up on you like it did me? Wasn’t it just January? Well, if you’re like me, then you are frantically searching Pinterest on February 13th (or be honest, the 14th), looking for something that will be not terribly time-consuming and doesn’t require crazy artistic skills or tons of hard-to-find supplies. You know… Continue reading Easy Valentine’s Day ideas

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Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach

And I don’t mean just with the food I put on my plate. Though I live in Italy and that may often be the case. But I mean with the projects I start and the stuff on my to-do list and the things I save on Pinterest because I REALLY want to do them. And I’ve only… Continue reading Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach

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2018: A photo year in review

What a year 2018 has been! From a new family member to uncertainty about the future, it’s been a wild ride. Be nice, 2019? January In January, we went to the circus, I put together the top of a t-shirt quilt, started doing some pink laundry, and played with tractors. I also started cleaning out… Continue reading 2018: A photo year in review