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A day in the life, December edition

Are you nosy like me and love it when people do day-in-the-life posts? I enjoy seeing how people spend their time. Weird? Maybe. To make up for rather awkwardly stalking popular bloggers on the internet, I’ll share how I spend my time. I pretty much have three types of days: school days, non-school days, and… Continue reading A day in the life, December edition

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If I could sew all the time…

Then I would make all the things. I would finish the star quilt. Actually, it is one of my personal goals to finish it in 2019. I would continue working on my Bloom Where You Are Planted quilt. I have half of a Dutch Treat block cut out, and it has been so since last… Continue reading If I could sew all the time…

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Pegboards can be pretty, right?

I have dreamed about having a pegboard in my sewing room to help organize things like rulers, scissors, and the like. This weekend, I went to Home Depot to get deer-proofing for my tomatoes (poor things got attacked again Friday night), and I picked up a 2’x4′ pegboard and a variety pack of pegs. Woo… Continue reading Pegboards can be pretty, right?

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What’s up summer?

Oh Summer… Reading… Last week, I started reading Resistance Women and I’m loving it. It starts out in Germany at the beginning of the Nazi era. Most books from this time period focus on WWII and the Holocaust, but there was so much more in the years leading up to it. I’m also slowly going through Bibliophile… Continue reading What’s up summer?