4th of July and we’re off on another adventure!

Hi ya’ll! Happy 4th of July (on the 5th)! Did you have a nice weekend? It was a long 4-day weekend for us, though my husband had to work on Monday anyway. But today… more about that later. We’re special here, and we celebrate the 4th of July on June 30th. Seriously, people. Maybe it… Continue reading 4th of July and we’re off on another adventure!

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A flower festival- the Infiorata

This last week was pretty busy for us, and we had lots of events happening. Wednesday was our 9 year anniversary and Sunday was Father’s Day. Well, at least it was the American Father’s Day- Italians celebrate March 19th, on the feast day of St. Joseph (Giuseppe). To celebrate these events, we went with some… Continue reading A flower festival- the Infiorata

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9 years

Today is our 9 year wedding anniversary. (And happy Flag Day, ya’ll.) That’s a long time, and we’ve had so many exciting adventures over the years. Our entire dating relationship was long distance, me being in Idaho and Tim in New York, Connecticut, and Washington state. So traveling was always special to us because it… Continue reading 9 years