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Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach

And I don’t mean just with the food I put on my plate. Though I live in Italy and that may often be the case. But I mean with the projects I start and the stuff on my to-do list and the things I save on Pinterest because I REALLY want to do them. And I’ve only… Continue reading Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach

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2018: A photo year in review

What a year 2018 has been! From a new family member to uncertainty about the future, it’s been a wild ride. Be nice, 2019? January In January, we went to the circus, I put together the top of a t-shirt quilt, started doing some pink laundry, and played with tractors. I also started cleaning out… Continue reading 2018: A photo year in review

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Christmas sewing- lots of firsts!

Have you ever sewed something (or made something if you don’t sew) that had so many new parts to it that it was super intimidating? I totally just rewrote that sentence so I didn’t have to use the word “sewer”. I was listening to a podcast about sewing the other day and they were talking… Continue reading Christmas sewing- lots of firsts!

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Quilt inspiration from Morocco

I often get my inspiration for a quilt from things I see in the world around me. Morocco, with its ornate doorways, colorful tiles, and saturated colors was a wealth of inspiration. I mean, come on door! I’m not sharing my trip today, but I am sharing the pictures that have inspired me to make… Continue reading Quilt inspiration from Morocco