Christmas in Naples and Southern Italy

It’s the most… won-der-ful tiiiiimme of the year! This month will be our sixth Christmas in Italy. I’m counting last year in that, even though we went home for Christmas and were gone half the month. I mean, we were here for the beginning of December and New Year’s. And while I love almost all… Continue reading Christmas in Naples and Southern Italy

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Quilt inspiration from Morocco

I often get my inspiration for a quilt from things I see in the world around me. Morocco, with its ornate doorways, colorful tiles, and saturated colors was a wealth of inspiration. I mean, come on door! I’m not sharing my trip today, but I am sharing the pictures that have inspired me to make… Continue reading Quilt inspiration from Morocco

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Our top 5 places to visit in Europe

We are in our sixth year of living in Europe (and seventh year of living overseas), and we have done some serious traveling in that amount of time. My country count is 37, Tim’s is 40, and Noah’s is 10. Nora only has 1, but come on, she’s only 4 months old! (And that’s going… Continue reading Our top 5 places to visit in Europe

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Neapolitan lasagna + chocolate pudding

Next week is what Americans know as Fat Tuesday, or the “orgy” before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. In Italy, it is known as Carnevale, and like many festivals in this food-loving country, has a traditional set of food associated with it. Long ago, people would give up eating meat, rich foods, and… Continue reading Neapolitan lasagna + chocolate pudding