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I’m definitely not bored

What’s the fun of having only one project going at a time? I’m working on a few different projects right now. I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty slow about working on stuff, mostly because I’ve been napping at the same time as Noah. I tried sewing with him in the room yesterday, and he drooled on… Continue reading I’m definitely not bored

Working on now

Summer Star sampler quilt- progress

Do you remember back in May when I got really excited about the Summer Star Medallion sampler quilt? I immediately sat down and started planning. Then I realized my plan was unrealistic and planned again. After all, I had planned to do a bunch of complicated blocks in a 6-inch size. So unrealistic. And I’m… Continue reading Summer Star sampler quilt- progress

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Project(s) goals

Did you see the picture I posted on Facebook yesterday? I finished piecing the blocks together on my quilt! Ain’t it pretty? (Goodness, my phone takes terrible pictures) The next step is to square off the blocks and sew them together. I have backing material and batting ready (always prepared!). I am planning to quilt… Continue reading Project(s) goals

Working on now

Slow and steady- quilt progress

Slow and steady is right! Well, I don’t know about that “steady” part, maybe it’s just slow. What with vacation and catching up and a toddler, I’m not making as much progress as quickly as I would like on my quilt. I’ve been averaging about 4 blocks a day, though yesterday, I did 8. How,… Continue reading Slow and steady- quilt progress