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Let’s be a bit random

For several reasons, I have been spending a huge amount of time on Pinterest in the last week. I was working on cleaning out Pinterest emails from my inbox. I was looking up ideas for prettying-up a somewhat tired rental. I planned U through Z for letter of the week. I found recipes that would… Continue reading Let’s be a bit random

Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 02/08 & 02/15

    Sweet kids! Also of note, I have been wearing many layers every day and I’m still cold. Noah, on the other hand, has been wearing a t-shirt and no socks and claims he isn’t cold! He’s definitely related to my husband. As promised, here are two week’s worth of Friday’s pieces.  And now… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 02/08 & 02/15

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Easy Valentine’s Day ideas

Did Valentine’s Day sneak up on you like it did me? Wasn’t it just January? Well, if you’re like me, then you are frantically searching Pinterest on February 13th (or be honest, the 14th), looking for something that will be not terribly time-consuming and doesn’t require crazy artistic skills or tons of hard-to-find supplies. You know… Continue reading Easy Valentine’s Day ideas

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Let’s talk about fear

Sorry about Friday’s pieces, ya’ll. After not posting it on Friday morning, I was going to make it Saturday’s pieces, and then it just didn’t get done. Zillow is pretty distracting, ya know? Don’t worry, you’ll get extra this Friday. So anyway, fear. And for the purpose of today’s discussion, I mean sewing fear. Of course there… Continue reading Let’s talk about fear