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Not your average maternity clothes

Can we all be in agreement that the majority of store-bought maternity clothes are terrible? Not only are they expensive for only being worn for a short period of time, but the fit is funky. Shirts are either made by Omar the Tentmaker, or they are tight AND come down to my knees. The pants… Continue reading Not your average maternity clothes

Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 11/17

Noah is still obsessed with his Cookie Monster hat from his Halloween costume. My non-hat-wearing child wears this hat at least twice a day. I told you on Monday about the Christmas lights we went to see last weekend. Our internet refused to load more than half my pictures, so here’s another one for you.… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 11/17

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Sagra delle Sagre + Christmas lights

I apologize for the lack of pictures at the end of this post. We are in the middle of a lovely November rain/wind storm and the internet absolutely refuses to upload any more pictures. That’s what I get for doing things at the last minute. This Saturday, we went to a festival in Sant’ Angelo… Continue reading Sagra delle Sagre + Christmas lights