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The 2019 Hand Print Calendar

So tell me, have you gotten your 2019 calendar yet? I read something recently that said that most homes don’t have wall calendars anymore. Whaaat? Ah, technology. I must be old-fashioned, but I love me a good wall calendar. In the last few years, I have spent soooo much time on Amazon trying to find… Continue reading The 2019 Hand Print Calendar

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Christmas sewing- lots of firsts!

Have you ever sewed something (or made something if you don’t sew) that had so many new parts to it that it was super intimidating? I totally just rewrote that sentence so I didn’t have to use the word “sewer”. I was listening to a podcast about sewing the other day and they were talking… Continue reading Christmas sewing- lots of firsts!

Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 12/14

I went to a Christmas party at church on Wednesday and learned how to play the traditional Neapolitan game of Tombola. It’s kind of like bingo, and if you get the “wrong” version, it’s extremely inappropriate (racy?) because there are words that go with each number. Don’t worry, we were playing the “kid version”. While… Continue reading Friday’s pieces 12/14


Christmas in Naples and Southern Italy

It’s the most… won-der-ful tiiiiimme of the year! This month will be our sixth Christmas in Italy. I’m counting last year in that, even though we went home for Christmas and were gone half the month. I mean, we were here for the beginning of December and New Year’s. And while I love almost all… Continue reading Christmas in Naples and Southern Italy