Friday's Pieces

Friday’s pieces 02/08 & 02/15



  1. Sweet kids! Also of note, I have been wearing many layers every day and I’m still cold. Noah, on the other hand, has been wearing a t-shirt and no socks and claims he isn’t cold! He’s definitely related to my husband.
  2. As promised, here are two week’s worth of Friday’s pieces.  And now I’m writing on my oooooold computer that turns on (but takes 20 minutes to do so) and prints, but recently deleted everything off of itself. Life happens.
  3. We had our express shipment last Monday, or a small amount of stuff to get us by until the rest of our household goods arrive. I had the foresight to put my broken sewing machine in that shipment so that I can hopefully get it fixed by the time my fabric gets there. HOWEVER, it doesn’t have a triple stretch stitch (for sewing with knits), so maybe I’ll splurge on a second machine. My current machine is 220v, so I’d need a transformer to use it, and transformers have a reputation for burning appliances out.
  4. I have always been bad about drinking enough water, and it got worse since I stopped nursing Nora. I think in the back of my mind I associated drinking water with nursing (and pain, failure, etc), so it felt like freedom to NOT drink. Terrible logic, right? Well, even though I knew I needed to drink more water, I would just forget. Enter the Drink Water app! Now I get alerts on my phone so I won’t forget and it keeps track of how much I drink during the day. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now and it’s helped so much.
  5. And in yet another moment of clarity, I realized that there are such things as folding potty seats and toddler travel neck pillows. And you can get them on Amazon. Done and done.
  6. I started reading a chapter book with Noah before his nap (see number 10), and he really loves it. We are reading Beezus and Ramona and he insists on continuing to “read” it after we are done for the day. The other day, I had to wake him up from a nap and found this. That’s Ramona on his lap and he was sound asleep.


  7. I finally finished reading Wuthering Heights. It’s not like I started it in November or anything. I can’t tell you if I liked it or hated it. But I did get a graphic novel version from the library that I’m going to read next. I’m actually kind of excited about that.
  8. We are getting to the point in our pre-move clear-out of the pantry that meals are not very exciting. There is nothing interesting about cans of soup and strange combinations with the intent of just using stuff up. Hopefully, though, we’ll be doing better than on any other move. I cleaned out the freezer and found some chili (I think?) that was at least a year old. Out it goes. Those deep freezers always seem to create treasure hunts.
  9. I did the heart one-eyed Texans and a pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni, but not much else for Valentine’s Day. Life with Noah is hard enough without trying to do tons of extra crafty things.


  10. Guys, I thought I had figured out the key to Noah’s terrible behavior, but it isn’t sustainable. If I am extremely sweet to him and give him ALL the attention, then he’s great. But I mean, I’ve got a second kid and a move coming up and I cannot devote my life to fawning over my 3 year old. Heeeellllpppp mmmmeeeee!
  11. Nora got a runny nose and started waking up screaming multiple times in the night. I’m blaming teeth. I can see her canine teeth coming in, which means that she’s also getting molars at the same time. Poor kid.
  12. I started this shirt back in the fall and then put it to the side when it came time to do the v-neck. I actually want to wear it this year, so I figured I should finish it, ya know? It turns out I had been doing v-necks wrong and when I do it right, it is super easy! I’m not in love with the fabric for this shirt, but it’s fine. And I finished it.
  13. Patterns for Pirates released a new tshirt pattern last week. It’s called the Basic Tee and it is kid’s, women’s, AND men’s. Just take my money! I is the perfect basic tee pattern, and it’s everything I’ve been wishing for. I started making one on Tuesday and the fit is pretty spot on. Of course, I haven’t finished it because kids.
  14. I made the second pair of super plush leggings and wore them yesterday. I absolutely love them! I used a higher rise than I had used before and swim material for the waistband, and they are perfection. The print is camouflage and so fun. It’s a neutral, right?
  15. I hope you all have a good (long) weekend! Hopefully the weather will be good enough to get outside.

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