Mid-month book things

I usually don’t write a post about books in the middle of the month, but I’m making an exception because there are things I want you to know before the end of the year!

I haven’t been reading books on my Kindle because I have all those lovely library books. And I just love the feel of a book in my hands, ya know? It has not stopped me, however, from taking advantage of the free Kindle books. I turned it on yesterday to get all the books updated, and I had 20 books that needed to be downloaded. TWENTY!! It’s gonna be a good trip.

I read half of two books, but they have to go back to the library today, so there’s that. I got the important parts, so that’s what matters.

And now for the real purpose of this post: are you doing any reading challenges this year? The internet is full of them, but I am hoping to do three specific ones.

  • The Modern Mrs. Darcy challenge. I did it in 2019, and I’m planning to do it again in 2020. I feel like this one is pretty easy to accomplish because the categories are so broad.


  • The Unread Shelf Project. I have been following Whitney on Instagram for a while, and I really like the idea of making an effort to read the books you own but haven’t read yet. Like MMD, there are categories for a book to read in every month, but they are pretty broad.


  • Re-reads. Ok, I came up with this one myself, but it’s totally legit. I have shelves of books that I loved once but haven’t read in 10-15 years. Those need to get re-read so they can either earn a spot on my shelf or go to someone else. I don’t need to keep moving books that I’m not going to enjoy reading again.

In order to keep track of these challenges, I did three very simple pages in my reading journal with just the category/month, a line for the book title, and a check box for when it’s completed. I’m excited!

Do you have any specific reading goals for 2020?

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